Privacy Policy

"RayVPN" provides users with a VPN connection (the VPN connection is collectively referred to as "service"). We hope that you read this privacy statement carefully to clearly understand the purpose of your information and the rights you have about your information when using our services.

1. Collection of information

When you use the app, mobile data traffic is connected to the "RayVPN" server for forwarding. Therefore, when you use the service, we will receive information about your online activity, your device or your browser. For example, we may receive:

- Device-specific information like device type(iPhone or iPad), OS version, and network type to optimize our network connection to you.

- Information about the nature of the requests that you make to our servers (such as what is being requested, information about the device and app used to make the request, timestamps, and referring URLs). However, our VPN products do not log any information that associates your identity with your VPN browsing activity. We do not maintain any records that show what you were browsing or accessing through a VPN connection.

- Total bandwidth consumed and time connected to our VPN service.

- Payment information, when you purchase a paid plan.

- When your mobile data is transmitted through our servers, we may receive content for your communications and other mobile data transactions. We may also receive location information when you access location-based services on devices that use our app. For example, if you visit the online maps app, we may receive location information as part of the mobile data traffic we receive when you use our app. While we receive this data when we provide the service, we do not record or collect the content of these communications unless we notify you in this privacy statement or your permission.

2. Use of information

We will be able to use the information collected to 1) improve and develop innovative products and services; 2) communicate with users; 3) support advertising and related activities. E.g:

- Maintain, improve or manage our services, perform business analysis, provide advertising and related activities

- Implement our Terms of Service to prevent illegal activities and abuse of services, protect the legal rights, property and security of "RayVPN" and users and resolve related disputes;

- Comply with applicable laws and assist law enforcement when we believe it is reasonable and meets applicable legal standards.

3. Data retention

We may retain information about you and your use of the Services, including personally identifiable information, as long as you are required to provide the services and uses described in this Privacy Statement. This usually means that we will retain information for the duration of your account.

4. Security

We take adequate protective measures to prevent loss of information, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. While we strive to protect your information and privacy, there is no guarantee that data transfer or storage is 100% secure.

5. Change of privacy statement

We may periodically update this privacy statement and we may post notices on the app and on the website if any major changes are made. We encourage you to check regularly for the latest information on our privacy statement.

Revision date of this agreement: October 20, 2019